About the book

a tale of 9 stories!

Every pen name comes with a story…

‘Navarasa by lotus’ tells delicately-interlinked stories of a fading movie star; a youth accidentally taking form of a masked vigilante; a mosquito determined to fight human domination; an unmarried couple on the verge of break up; a woman, Lucky, who is terrified of her dream; a school kid struggling to vent his anger; Fate of our society post 2012 ; Rajiv’s addictions; and Anand’s redemption…

The result is a collection of nine stories of different genres, each being a tribute to the rasa: humour, love, disgust, heroism, wonder, fury, horror, peace and compassion. These nine stories are interwoven with recurring characters and situations. There are surprises galore in each of the stories that will take your breath away…

With this book, prepare yourself to experience a rollercoaster ride through nine distinct emotions!

Rajan a movie star yesterday, today he is a nobody. Was he to blame himself for it?

What does it take a person to land up being a masked vigilante? A bottle of beer first and other things…

Ghz, Hag, Ay, Rav, Dolly….who are they?! What are they upto?

Just when they thought cupid was no longer required…You need a cupid to become lovers. You still need a cupid to be lovers. Can a T20 final be a cupid for Teja and Manu?

You wake up one fine morning and you discover that you have extra sensory perception, would you still feel Lucky?!

How often does your wish come true? Find out what’s bugging Chintu.

Would Rajiv get his love back, in Office?

With new era comes new hope?

Redemption is what Anand seeks, but does he deserve it?

Check out the reviews of the book http://wp.me/P1OqwC-20

Check out the teasers http://wp.me/P1OqwC-j 

and leave your comments!

“Navarasa by lotus”  is published by Leadstart Publishers. Now available on FLIPKART and Junglee.com


3 Comments on “About the book”

  1. Deboshree says:

    Rajiv, I am back from the trip. Do drop me an e-mail so I can send you my contact details.
    Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. Yatin Gupta says:

    Hi, The book looks interesting to me. I wish to review it on my blog http://www.yatingupta.blogspot.in . Can you send me a review copy ?

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