A seed to this book


The title refers both to the fact that the seed of bad thought being sowed in Rajan’s mind and the fact that this “Seed” becomes a base for the coming stories in one way or another.

The story was initially written as my entry to a small competition at a writing workshop which altered my writing plans. Then, I didn’t even think of writing a book. The story in its original form was crude and with lots of readability issue. Though the original story didn’t receive good reviews, there was something about this story which I couldn’t part with. The concept of the story kept haunting me and suddenly one day an idea struck me “What about writing a collection of stories…”.

The mutation of thoughts didn’t stop there, infact it had just begun. “Why would anyone read a collection of short stories? How do I make it interesting?” I asked myself a question.

What if they are interlinked?” I asked again.

Need more than that!” I demanded.

Ok, follow some theme…” came the answer.

How many stories can I write?” I challenged my will.

Maybe 9 to 10” I wondered.

9 seem to be an interesting number….Navarasas” rang a bell.

What about Dashaavathar?” rang another.

People would think am writing a religious book and moreover it’s the name of a Kamal Hasan’s movie…” I tried to justify.

What makes you think “Navarasa” doesn’t sound retro or contemporary?” I ridiculed.

Ok, “Navarasa by lotus” it shall be.” I fought back.

Is that my pen name?” I asked at first.

No! It’s the title!!”

Not bad, so what next?”

Plot 9 story lines for each of the rasas…”

How can I?”


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