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Title: Navarasa by Lotus
Author: Rajiv
Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Corp
ISBN: 978-93-81576-84-7
Genre: Short Stories
Pages: 162
Source: Author
Rating: 3.5/5

“Navarasa by Lotus” is Rajiv’s first book. It is a collection of inter-linked stories exploring different genres, and each story is a dedication of sorts to the rasa: humour, love, disgust, heroism, wonder, fury, horror, peace and compassion.

The stories are vivid and can be related to at some level. There is a fading movie star, who wants it all even though the idea of fading away is at hand, then there is a youth who takes the form of a masked vigilante, there is a mosquito (yes you read that correct) who is determined to fight human domination, the unmarried couple on the verge of a break-up, a woman, Lucky, enigmatic and elusive, who is terrified of her dream (interesting a lot has been written on it…

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  1. […] By Yatin Gupta on Sep 6, 2012 in Book Reviews, Uncategorized The Navarasa, I am sure we all know what they are, but I would like to list them out here.  1. Humour – हास्य  2. Love – प्रेम  3. Disgust – वीभत्स  4. Heroism – वीर  5. Wonder – अद्भुत  6. Fury – रौद्र  7. Horror – भयानक  8. Peace – शान्ति  9. Compassion – करुणा The book brings out all these nine aesthetics quite beautifully. The book is a collection of short stories that are interwoven. The same characters appear in different stories. The interesting thing about each of the story is, it finishes on an interesting point with a surprise. This is what makes this book worthy enough to be put up in your reading list.  Rajiv Kumar has successfully managed to keep me hooked to the book with all the nine stories. There is a fading movie star, a youth turning into a masked vigilant, there is a story about a mosquito also (That was something new and extremely interesting) who is willing to fight human domination, also a break up story, a woman whose dream comes true when she wakes up one morning, a kid struggling with his anger, and a sci-fi story along with Rajiv’s addictions and Anand’s redemption. My personal favourite was the story named T-20, for the way it was narrated. I was totally into the book from its second story “Rat” and didn’t  keep it down till I finished it. Though there are some stories, which I personally found better than the others. Also I wish to read a lot more from Rajiv and would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something light and different. It won’t disappoint you.  (Review asked by Author, Rajiv)  […]

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