Quick reference of the characters!


Born as Rajanath Shankaran, Rajan grew up as a timid and shy boy. He was very fond of his Uncle Dev. His gray eyes were pretty famous in high school, infact people remembered him for that. Acting was never his passion or dream. It was because of his high school crush he stumbled across acting. Though he was first chosen for the lead role of a play he later succumbed to the pressure of a bully and ended up playing a much smaller role. It proved to be turning point in life. His father, Shankaran was a strict person at home. He took no chances with factors which influenced his son. To such an extent that he asked his brother Dev to leave home as the latter became addicted to smoking and drinking. Shankaran recognised the threat to his son’s habits early on.

Rajan later realised that the day he was beaten up by the bully at high school and his meeting with Dev influenced and changed his attitude. He was confused whether he should take on the bully, but he wanted to attract girls through an easier way by becoming a movie star.

With a nice physique and a charming face, it was’nt difficult for him to get an oppurtunity to model in advertisements. Soon he was picked up by a well known production house, his debut movie became an instant hit. His popularity too rised. Critics noted his unique style and appreciated him for not aping others.

Like any other movie star, he too fell in love with his co-star, Sandra. But soon after his movies started to bomb at the box office one after the another, insecurity and inferiority seeped into him. Irked at the behavious of Rajan, Sandra slowly moved away from him and started dating Rohan Gumbiga, the new youth icon and the hearthrob.


Fondly called as Jay, he was born and brought up in a middle class family. He did his graduation boarded in a hostel, in a city far away from his parents. He grew up being a honest and humble person. He had great difficulty in clearing his subjects at college. He often found Tarun to be his role model and Sanjay to be repulsive. Being from a middle class family, he aimed to start working as soon as he graduated. But with the kind of percentages he scored he doubted if he could get into a job. He counted on Tarun’s help in future. Things changed drastically, changing his attitude. The night he assumed the role of a vigilante, he feared that he would lose his friend in Tarun. After that night, he hung up his mask. Thinking it was for the best and never appeared in his avatar again. People did miss him, and gave him the name Monkey-Man. Rumours spread like wild fire and people began to hallucinate, making claims that they still encountered the Monkey-Man and he had super natural powers.


Chief of the swarm colonised in House #13, is also the most respected individual. In last few days of as an adult mosquito, he propagated peace and advice against drinking human blood. He advocated that human blood is bad for their health, whereas he was actually trying to keep them away from the catastrophe which humans would bring upon them if they come to know about their existence. He feared that the younger generation would end up taking revenge against humans using violent means. He had become non violent and pious after he led a squad, attacking humans, but only to be attacked in return.

Hz did his best as the chief, in his last moments he trusted upon his daughter to carry on the mantle and message of non-violence. His saw Hag as his confidante commander.


There wasn’t a single young guy in the mosquito colony that wouldn’t have had a crush on her. She was the darling of colony, not only because she was chief’s daughter but also because she was a lovely person by heart. She grew up motherless as her mother was killed few weeks ago by the humans’ retaliation. Anef, was her wet nurse, more than that she was her good friend.

Ghz had always been a devoted daughter to Hz. He was her role model. Yet at the fateful time she crossed the boundary which her father drew for her and ended up opening the Pandora’s box again. She admired Hag secretly. Someday she hoped that she would muster courage to talk about it with her father.


Hag, belonged to a flamboyant clan which had always served the chief and their family as the commander and the benevolent translator of Others’ language. Ability to understand other languages were passed on to him as an instinct. Obeying the chief was also a part of that instinct. But turbulent times corrupted his ego and he ignored Ghz as the chief at first. But the heroics of Ghz humbled his ego and he submitted himself at the service to the new chief. He too loved Ghz but waited for the right time to express it. He suppressed his love during the mutiny and focussed only on carrying out the chief’s orders. Eventually Ghz spoke out first and he confessed of his love to her. He fathered her eggs just before the day he was killed.


Ay, is an obnoxious street dog with bruised skin as a result of constant scratching, to keep the fleas off. At time he was confused whether he was jealous about Rav. He became a key factor in organising the mutiny against humans. Though he agreed to lend his support to Ghz in return to immunity from fleas, he later on worked for the true spirit of fighting dominance. He always wondered why humans found him repulsive.


Little brother of Ay, he was the pet dog of House # 13. He was a noble steed of his masters and of the breed most loved by the humans. He never intended to support the mutiny, but looking at the fate of his own kind he tried to help them. The mosquitoes knew his real name, but Rav yearned to know what his mother called him so.


A fat cow with black patches on white skin was the main source of milk for the neighbourhood of House # 13. A graceful being, Dolly never intended or even thought of hurting anyone. The day she learnt about the abuse she was subjected to by the humans, proved to be the turning point of her life. He full heartedly supported the mutiny.

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